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Dear Yuletide Author,

I'm pretty easy to please, so don't worry about writing for me. I'm sure whatever you write will be wonderful. I'm just so excited to find somebody else who loves one of my small fandoms! If you're reading this, though, you probably want a little guidance as to my likes and dislikes, my preferences for the fandoms I requested. Hopefully this will help you out a bit. Don't feel you have to stick to anything I've asked for here! If you have an idea for a fic, go for it! I'm sure I'll love it.

Things I Like
I tend to like fluffy happy-ending stories, character pieces, bits of the mundane, slice-of-life type stories. I do occasionally enjoy the angst, though, so if you feel like going in that direction, by all means, write it! I'm a fan of slash, het, femmeslash, and multi. I do have pet pairings for each fandom, which I've noted, but I'm willing to read other pairings so long as it makes sense in the character development. Kidfic is always welcome in my book!

Things I Don't Like
I don't like rape/non-con, incest, suicide, or child death. Please no mpreg. I'm not adverse to pregnancy or anything, and in fact adore kidfic, but I am adverse to biologically impossible pregnancy. If you want a slash pairing to have a kid, please look towards the wonderful options of adoption or surrogacy.

The Sarah Jane Adventures I love everything about this show. I love all the characters. I wasn't a shipper until recently, when I've started shipping Clyde/Rani, but I also adore the frienship between all the kids and Sarah Jane. I adore the relationship between the kids and their parents. I liked Maria and Mr. Jackson as well, so no need to keep it to the newest crew. I would honestly love any kind of character piece, introspection, frienship piece, or romance between Clyde/Rani.

Earth 2 I've missed this fandom for so long, I think I might just be happy with anything, even about my least favourite characters (Morgan, Julia, and Alonzo). But I will give you a little hint as to what I like. I ship Devon/Danziger and always have. I'm a fan of Tru and Uly friendship as children, growing into something more as they get older. I am fascinated by Yale and his history. Life on the stations or life on the planet, before or after the others arrive, doesn't matter to me. Terrians, Grendlers, I like stories about them all!

Power Rangers SPD I ship Bridge/Z. I don't like Sky, not even a little. Bridge is my favourite character and I think all of my stories thus far have been about him, or featured him in some way. I'm not the biggest fan of the action parts of the show, which may seem like it defeats the purpose of Power Rangers, but... well I can't help that I like the character interactions and relationships more.

The Young Riders I asked for characters Kid, Lou (Kid/Lou), Buck, and Ike. I know that's a bit restrictive. I'm more interested in character pieces or romance. I'd even take it from being from the point of view of any of the other characters. The four of them just happen to be my favourites, that's all. I don't like Jimmy/Lou, or Jimmy/Emma, or Cody... at all really.

Again, this is just what I like. If you want to go in another direction, go for it. I'm always open to exploring new things in my fandoms. Have fun writing, and I can't wait to read what you come up with!
Thank you,


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