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Unconventional Lullaby
Clint and Steve have a very specific understanding of what constitutes a family. Tony doesn't understand.
Of Languages
After a life spent immersed in secrets, it was difficult to let go and learn to live without them.
The One Where Steve Learns About the Great War Between Star Wars and Star Trek
Just what it sounds like. Intentionally out of character ridiculous fun.

Power Rangers Samurai
The Watcher
Mike has a secret.
Missed You
Jayden knows something is wrong with Antonio. He just has to figure out how to fix it.

Power Rangers RPM
The One Where Ziggy Kisses Everybody... Except Dr. K
Ziggy makes a point in a rather unusual way.
Five Reasons the Team Think Summer and Ziggy Are Dating And One Very Good Reason They Aren't
Ziggy and Summer are close. Maybe a little too close...
One lost little boy finds the wrong sort of influence.
Ranger Rule Number Twenty-Three
There are a lot of rules when it comes to being a Power Ranger. Dillon is still learning them all.
His Favourite Lesson
What else did Ziggy learn how to do in prison?
The Only Education Worth Having
Scott and Ziggy bond over one thing they have in common.
and it's sequel Love The One You're With
Scott and Ziggy find themselves growing closer than either ever could have expected.
The Bet
With the gossip mill run amok, the rangers make a bet they probably shouldn't have...
Drunken Debauchery
Questions, and every hangover remedy under the sun, could wait until morning. Tonight he just wanted to have fun.
Blasted Kilt
Ziggy has a new obsession, and what Ziggy wants, Ziggy will find a way to get.
Date Night At The Comic Book Store
Ziggy takes his boys on a date... to the comic book store.
Sowing the Seeds Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five
Every story has a beginning. This is theirs.
An accident in the lab has a rather unfortunate side effect.

Power Rangers SPD Holiday Series
Rosh Hashanah
Yom Kippur
Chanukah Night 1, Night 2, Night 3, Night 4, Night 5, Night 6, Night 7, Night 8

It was just a mundane little thing, really.
From Black To Green
They always wore their ranger colours, always. But now the powers changed, the colours changed, and how in the world was he going to tell his mother?
Coming Home
The fight had been epic and he'd walked out seething with anger. He wasn't even sure he'd be welcomed home, but it was the only place in the world he wanted to be.
Rocky plans ahead for a change.
The Blind Date
Adam hates blind dates.
Better Than Old Times
When Rocky is upset at being passed over for yet another teamup, Adam knows the best way to make him feel better.

Never In a Million Years
Skull/Kim. Kim learns to appreciate a new side of the man she once knew.
The Love That Daren't Speak It's Name
Goldar/Jason. Goldar is a wee bit obsessed.
Screwme And Howe
What happens after Goldar attacks Angel Grove in Day of the Dumpster?
The Sandbox
Rocky meets Adam meets Aisha. As tiny tiny children.
The Kindergarten Sandbox
School is not everything they thought it would be.
The First Date
Skull never thought this day would come, but nothing was ever more awkward than the first date.

5 Things Z Had To Do First, and 1 Thing Bridge Beat Her To
Z had to make all the first moves in their relationship.
Bridge tries to make Christmas for the very first time.
The Bedtime Story
Bridge puts his daughters to bed.

Other Power Rangers
Plan Bridge
Xander has a problem. Bridge knows how to fix it. (Once a Ranger era)
Colder Than He Thought It Would Be
Snow was a lot colder than he thought it would be. (Fred/Justin)
Left Behind
How does Justin really feel when he gets a whole new team?
Xander thought first kisses were supposed to be awkward.

Sarah Jane Adventures
Picture Day
Luke sighs. Sarah Jane fusses. Just another picture day at school.
Luke's first experience with snow.
Happy Christmas, Clyde Langer
Clyde is alone on Christmas when an unusual problem arises. Can he save the day, all on his own?

Untitled Buffy
(Buffy/Willow- Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Chanukah and Christmas.
The Bad Idea
I have a lot of bad ideas, but this one was, like, monumentally bad. (Brian/Rickie- My So-Called Life)
The Superhero Purim Theorum
Once again, the boys and their idea of fun confuses Penny (Big Bang Theory). Written for Purim Gifts 2009
The Pesach Incident of 5767
Sheldon ruins the Passover seder (Big Bang Theory). Written for Purim Gifts 2009
The Best Cookies in the World
Chris Taub’s mother makes the best hamantaschen around (House MD). Written for Purim Gifts 2009
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